Monday, March 26, 2012

Actor Yaphet Kotto Alien fans have three to five months to wait for Yaphet Kotto’s Alien Diary. The book arrives after the much-hyped Prometheus a separate story that precedes the events of Alien, but which is not directly connected to the films in the Alien franchise. Prometheus is scheduled to be up and running on June 8. The Alien Diary, a Kotto representative says, it will be scheduled for release in late July or even August. A statement posted on his site this week says testing was extended after feedback from early Alien fans made it "clear that behind the scenes of Alien events were of great interests and it wouldn't be wise to hold back any longer when millions more Alien fans seekers came on to the site." The Alien Diary is supposed to offer e-book editions of “The Obamen” novels, but Kotto representative from the Characters agency in Canada said Thursday that the release date for “The Obamen had not been confirmed. Kotto for years had resisted making his work in Alien available because closeness of his experiences with UFO’s The site opens amid buzz about Kotto's plans to write a tell all novel for Alien and reveal his UFO experiences. No publication date or details were revealed but many fans were visiting his site about the news last week. In addition to of bringing the behind the scene actions for the space fantasy novel Live and Let Die will also be an online immersive experience for which Kotto has written extensive new material — more than 22,000 new words so far — about characters, places and Alien Close Encounters that took place behind the scenes while filming the James Bond adventure. So even if you didn’t see the James Bond classic Live and Let Die, which we doubt you can still enjoy the additional content with a printed book or on its own. “For me, this is a therapeutic way to rid myself of the many UFO experiences I’ve had when making birth Alien and Bond and give something back to Alien and James Bond fans that made my career such in incredible international success,” Kotto said. “I still receive a phenomenal number of letters, drawings and stories from Alien and Bond fans. This is the way for Alien and Bond to live on in a medium that created black action heroes that didn’t exist when I started working extensively in films.” He is considering publishing on his own website, Kotto adds: “I want to guarantee that people everywhere can feel the same experience I did making Alien and experiencing ca close encounter of the third kind at the same time This extremely important for Alien fans many of whom have had these very same encounters. Imagine what this would have done for a man like Barney Hill, a black man who was the first American to be abducted by Aliens. I am lucky to have the internet and face book to reach out to people who are silently suffering. My God, those experiences killed Barney! Alien was a fantastic and unique experience that God gave me now it’s time to take my time and give back what the fans gave me. There is really no other way to do this for the fans and remain in control. Not every actor could do this, but its right for an actor who was a victim of Alien UFO experiences and other abductees. This probably is an extension of what I did in helping to create the Watts Writers Workshop. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to have direct contact with my fans. It may well be a blessing in disguise.”


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