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UFO Sightings 2013

UFO Sightings 2013


George Clinton UFO Encounter

George Clinton UFO Encounter

George Clinton Outtake: MY Encounter with a UFO
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 Situated within an otherwise straightforward conversation with George Clinton was a story that we will never forget. In so many words, this is a direct account of his alleged encounter with a UFO, while driving with Bootsy Collins. Not one to mince words, this seemed to be no joking matter to Clinton, who noted that he went ten whole years without talking about the event subsequent to its occurrence. Whether this is a part of the grand mythos of the Dr. Funkenstein universe or a genuine moment in an already intriguing life, we will let you decide.
GC: We had just come back from Detroit and we were on our way down to Miami to go fishing, but first we had to go pick up my son in New Jersey. We got there that morning around 10 o’ clock. We came past the airport and saw a light. Neither one of us said anything, but when we got to the spot, both of us looked around. It was like a beam of light from the clouds coming straight down. Now this is daylight, so the weird thing in your mind is ‘Damn. Light in daylight’? That’s what was going on in my mind. So we drove on and forgot about it. Maybe five minutes later, two blocks ahead of us, we see the light coming through the trees. But it sparkled this time likeelectricity. As soon as it did that it hit on the same block that we were on, but on the opposite side of the street. So there was like one, then two and then the third one hit the car on the fender on thepassenger side. It looked like how when you break a thermometer, the mercury runs like oil and water. When it hit the car it splattered like lit up mercury and rolled off the side of the car.

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Now remember I said that the first one we saw was in daylight? Well, we didn’t remember this part I’m about to tell you – Bootsy or myself – for ten years. When it hit the car, I saw some headlights in back of us and the streetlights were getting darker ahead of us and we’re not seeing any cars. We were the only ones on the streets for about ten blocks. I look back behind me and the headlights that I saw before were gone. We were the only ones on the streets. It’s dark. We get about ten blocks from my house, we pull up to my apartment and just sit in the car. My daughter comes out to my car and she says ‘Why y’all look like y’all seen a ghost’? I said to her ‘Give me a kiss. I’m about to go to bed’. It took us a long time to talk about it, but about ten years later, I saw something about losing time and I remembered that five minutes before the light hit the car that the concern was daylight. We had just gotten there from an all-night session in Detroit, so it couldn’t have been but 10 o’ clock at first, but by the time we got to the house, we were dealing with 7 o’ clock at night and it didn’t occur to me until I called Bootsy. At that point, we both know that some time was missing.

By Paul Pennington

Latest UFO Sightings Shocking NASA Best UFO's Footage

Latest UFO Sightings Shocking NASA Best UFO's Footage

Water Could Help Make Better Batteries

Water Could Help Make Better Batteries


Water could be the key to producing a cheaper, more environmentally friendly and less dangerous way of making the lithium-ion batteries that power so many everyday gadgets, researchers say.

Currently, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are typically found in mobile devices such as cellphones, laptops and tablet computers, and they are increasingly being used to power hybrid and electric vehicles. As their uses grow, scientists would like to manufacture the batteries in a manner that's both less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

"The application of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles is hindered by their high cost," researcher Jianlin Li, a materials scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, told TechNewsDaily. "For example, the cost of the lithium-ion batteries in the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Colt is about $500 per kilowatt-hour, which is almost five times of the target cost — $110 per kilowatt-hour — of an electric vehicle lithium-ion battery set by the president's EV Everywhere Grand Challenge."

Currently, more than 80 percent of the costs of making lithium-ion batteries are due to materials and the processing of those materials. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee are now aiming to reduce the price of both of these factors.

All batteries generate electricity by flowing electric current between two electrodes — a positively charged cathode and a negatively charged anode. Cathodes make up about 70 percent of the total cost of high-power batteries, and the organic solvent used to make the lithium ion battery cathodes, N-methylpyrrolidone or NMP, is expensive, toxic and generates flammable vapors. Making batteries with this solvent also requires expensive, explosion-proof processing equipment and costly solvent recovery and recycling systems.
Instead of using NMP, the researchers say they can replace it with a system that uses water, which is much safer, greener and at least 150 times cheaper than the organic solvent.

Replacing NMP with water is tricky because the slurries, or fluids containing the materials used to make the battery's electrodes, behaves in very different ways if water is employed. For instance, water-based slurries are typically not as good at coating the current collector, the material that gathers electric charge from the electrode.

"While it seems quite straightforward to substitute expensive and toxic NMP with water in battery manufacturing, it is very complicated and requires extensive knowledge in science and engineering to realize it," Li said.

The scientists employed a number of different tricks to get water to work. For instance, treating the current collector with electrified plasma alters its surface in ways that makes water-based slurries coat it better. Additives in the slurries also help prevent the particles from clumpingtogether.

Previous work could help scientists manufacture lithium-ion battery anodes using water. However, until now, "no one has been successful with both anodes and cathodes," Li said.

Using this method, the researchers have created a battery that features excellent performance comparable to conventional batteries. Replacing NMP with water promises to reduce the overall costs of lithium ion batteries by about one-eighth, and "the whole process is much more environmentally benign," Li said. "This allows the battery manufacturing more sustainable and affordable."

The scientists currently have a patent pending on their technology. They detailed their latest findings online May 25 in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science.


Unprecedented Storm

Unprecedented Storm

Haiyan brought sustained winds of 235km/h (147mph), with gusts of 275 km/h (170 mph), with waves as high as 15m (45ft), bringing up to 400mm (15.75 inches) of rain in places.  "The world has not seen a storm like this before," said Senen Mangalile, the Philippines Consul General to the UK.  Steven Godby, a disaster management expert at Nottingham Trent University, told the BBC the typhoon was "probably the most intense and strongest storm of this type to make landfall".

"We've seen storms like this perhaps on rare occasions that have had that kind of intensity out at sea but for it to come ashore with that kind of strength is almost unprecedented," Dr Godby said.  American military aircraft and ships are being deployed to provide help. US President Barack Obama has issued a message saying he was "deeply saddened by the loss of life and extensive damage".

Three days after Typhoon Haiyan hit, aerial photos are revealing a scene of apocalyptic devastation along a swathe of the central Philippines.


UFO sightings off South African coastline

UFO sightings off South African coastline

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UFO sightings off South African coastline soar in February

The founder of UFO Research of South Africa says reports of unidentified flying objects off theSouth African coast near Cape Town rose dramatically during the week of Feb. 21-27.
Many of the sightings can be explained away by meteor showers, said Gert Jordaan, who tracks such reports on his UFO Research website, The Telegraph reported. But many cannot.

“Though meteors do glow orange, some of the sightings reported radical change in direction and speed,” he said in The Telegraph. “Some objects even remained stationary for five minutes or so. There might be some UFO phenomena occurring in areas around Cape Town.”

Mr. Jordaan suggested the UFOs could be due to “some top-secret aircraft” tests — or life forms from other planets are tracking Earthlings.

“The second possibility is that life from another planet is surveying ours for making contact and offering knowledge,” he said in The Telegraph.




Amid all the phantasmagoric special effects and puzzling symbolism of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film '2001: A Space Odyssey,' the one detail that sticks in everyone's memory is the HAL 9000 computer that ran most of the spaceship Discovery One's operations. Not only did HAL speak and possess a humanlike personality, but it actually was superior to humans, because it never made mistakes.

But when the year 2001 actually rolled around, what inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil calls 'strong AI' -- that is, a machine that possesses self-awareness and is equal or superior to humans in intellectual ability -- was still closer to science fiction than reality.

That's with a few caveats. In 2011, the supercomputer Watson went head-to-head with 'Jeopardy!' contestants and won mightily. However, just because a computer can answer questions -- and Watson is a very sophisticated 'question-answering machine' -- it doesn't necessarily mean it's smarter than a human [source: Markoff].

In a 2005 essay, Kurzweil, who estimates that a computer would need to be capable of performing 10 quadrillion calculations per second to match all the regions of the human brain, predicted that threshold would be reached by 2020 [source: Kurzweil]. (Watson uses 80 trillion operations per second, the slowpoke [source: Deedrick].)

Others, such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, have expressed doubts about whether machines ever will be able to even approximate human intelligence. He noted that neuroscientists still don't really know enough about the brain yet to hope to duplicate it. 'You can't create an artificial intelligence,' Allen insisted in a 2012 Forbes interview, 'unless you know how the real thing works.'


Strange Case of the Michigan Flying Wing UFO

Strange Case of the Michigan Flying Wing UFO

 As we passed the ‘airplane’ in slow-motion stop and go traffic, I noticed it was NOT an airplane, and why would it be one anyway? as there is not enough length to the fields there to land a real airplane.

I have driven past this area literally millions of times since I was 5-years-old, and I am now 53. The ‘airplane’ turned out to be a wing-shaped UFO about 100 feet across. I pointed it out to my wife, and remarked that it was not an airplane, but an honest-to goodness-real UFO.

She looked at it, and said: “That’s a cell phone tower.” I said it is not, as I know everything in existence all along both sides of the freeway, having driven on it for so long, and she proceeded to argue with me that it “… couldn’t be a UFO, it has to be this or that, but not a UFO.”

It was like she could not physically ‘see’ the UFO, like her mind was being blocked by something. Why else would she suggest it being a cell phone tower when it obviously was lying on the ground, and it was all lit up, and it was shaped like a giant flying wing, just like that experimental one the Nazis built during WW-II, a precursor to the Stealth designs.

I had a very good, leisurely, long look at it, and I know what I saw. But it gets even weirder from there.
We finally arrived at the site of the accident that caused us to do the stop and go thing for over two hours, when it would normally take 45 minutes to drive to that spot. We were crawling along at 5 to 10 miles per hour when we arrived at the ‘accident site.’  read more

Source : About UFOs

Watery asteroid discovered in dying star points to habitable exoplanets

Watery asteroid discovered in dying star points to habitable exoplanets
Artist's impression of a rocky and water-rich asteroid being torn apart by the strong gravity of thewhite dwarf star GD 61. Similar objects in the solar system likely delivered the bulk of water on Earth and represent the building blocks of the terrestrial planets. Credit: © Mark A. Garlick,, University of Warwick and University of Cambridge

Astronomers have found the shattered remains of an asteroid that contained huge amounts of water orbiting an exhausted star, or white dwarf. This suggests that the star GD 61 and itsplanetary system – located about 150 light years away and at the end of its life – had the potential to contain Earth-like exoplanets, they say.

This is the first time that both water and a rocky surface - two "key ingredients" for habitable planets - have been found together beyond our solar system.

Earth is essentially a 'dry' planet, with only 0.02% of its mass as surface water, so oceans came long after it had formed; most likely when water-rich asteroids in the solar system crashed into our planet.

The new discovery shows that the same water 'delivery system' could have occurred in this distant, dying star's solar system – as latest evidence points to it containing a similar type of water-rich asteroid that would have first brought water to Earth.

The asteroid analysed is composed of 26% water mass, very similar to Ceres, the largest asteroid in the main belt of our solar system. Both are vastly more water-rich compared with Earth.

Astronomers at the Universities of Cambridge and Warwick say this is the first "reliable evidence" for water-rich, rocky planetary material in any extrasolar planetary system.
They describe it as a "look into our future" as, six billion years from now, alien astronomers studying the rocky remains around our burned out sun might reach the same conclusion - that terrestrial planets once circled our parent star.
The new research findings used NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and are reported today in the journal Science.

All rocky planets form from the accumulation of asteroids, growing until full size, so asteroids are essentially the 'building blocks' of planets.

"The finding of water in a large asteroid means the building blocks of habitable planets existed – and maybe still exist – in the GD 61 system, and likely also around substantial number of similarparent stars," said lead author Jay Farihi, from Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy.

"These water-rich building blocks, and the terrestrial planets they build, may in fact be common – a system cannot create things as big as asteroids and avoid building planets, and GD 61 had the ingredients to deliver lots of water to their surfaces," Farihi said.

"Our results demonstrate that there was definitely potential for habitable planets in this exoplanetary system."

The researchers say that the water detected most likely came from a minor planet, at least 90 km in diameter but probably much larger, that once orbited the GD 61 star before it became a white dwarf around 200 million years ago.

Previous and current astronomical observations have measured the size and density of exoplanets, but not their composition.

This is because conventional work was done on planets orbiting living stars. But the only way to see what a distant planet is made of is to take it apart, say the researchers, and nature does this for us in a dying white dwarf system through its extreme gravitational pull – sucking in and shredding the surrounding material.

This debris, which "pollutes" the atmosphere of the white dwarf, can then be chemically analysed using powerful spectrograph techniques that "distill the entire asteroid, core and all", they say.

The team detected a range of "elemental abundance" in the white dwarf's contaminated atmosphere – such as magnesium, silicon and iron, which, together with oxygen are the main components of rocks.

By calculating the number of these elements relative to oxygen, the researchers were able to predict how much oxygen should be in the atmosphere of the white dwarf – but they found "significantly" more oxygen than if 
there were only rocks.

"This oxygen excess can be carried by either water or carbon, and in this star there is virtually no carbon – indicating there must have been substantial water," said co-author Boris Gänsicke, from the University of Warwick.

"This also rules out comets, which are rich in both water and carbon compounds, so we knew we were looking at a rocky asteroid with substantial water content – perhaps in the form of subsurface ice – like the asteroids we know in our solar system such as Ceres," Gänsicke said.

Ultraviolet observations are the only way to obtain such precise measurement of oxygen levels in the white dwarf's debris – and that can only be carried out above the Earth's atmosphere.

The team used the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph onboard Hubble to get the data required, with chemical analysis computed by team member Detlev Koester from the University of Kiel.

The "planetary bodies" such as these asteroids that fall into and pollute this dying star – which, in its heyday, was three times 'heavier' than our sun – also reveal that giant exoplanets probably still exist in this remote and withering system.

"In order for the asteroids to pass sufficiently close to the white dwarf to be shredded, then eaten, they must perturbed from the asteroid belt – essentially pushed – by a massive object like a giant planet," added Farihi.
"These asteroids tell us that the GD 61 system had – or still has – rocky, terrestrial planets, and the way they pollute the white dwarf tells us that giant planets probably still exist there.

"This supports the idea that the star originally had a full complement of terrestrial planets, and probably gas giant planets, orbiting it – a complex system similar to our own."
 Oct 10, 2013


In The Brain at Will

In The Brain at Will

                    Who lives in this marvelous Hall of living walls of mortared osseous tissues fitted with the various ocular, tactual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory doors? This hall of life, the human skull, presents a veritable epitome of a huge State. It includes the range of hilly convolutions of the cerebrum, inlaid with the arterial streamlets and dark rivers of veins. Is this exquisite territory vacant, unoccupied? Is this hall filled just with a senseless mass of physical cells? Is there a book without an author, a child without parents, a clock without a maker, a rose without a designer? Nay—and similarly there are wondrous Ruling Agencies behind thisKingdom of Mystic Beauty. Beneath the dome of the human skull is enacted scenes of intense activity, pulsating life and intelligence. The strange colony of myriads of little brainy cells are guided and controlled by a mixed host of good and impish ...invisible —sprites, pixies and fairies of Unseen Habits.
                   There ....the little blood corpuscles are paddling their tiny boats laden with various vitalcommodities in the arterial stream. There is buying and selling—absorption and elimination ...going on here. The little intelligent cells are engaged in banqueting or introspecting ....or receiving the guests of sensations from the outer sensory doors. Some, are creating mischief by inviting sprites of invisible Disorderly Habits into the Great Common-Wealth.

                    The Habit Lords, and the Commoners—the brain-cells— are gathered together and are furiously debating ....who should assume the responsibility of the Bodily Government. These United States of Flesh have been the scenes of many wars and revolutions. At certain election times, the whole State is in disorder and confusion. Who is going to be President? How many votes will the various candidates receive? Every human Action, mentally or physically performed, is a voter. When a particular Action is repeated, it swells the number of its votes and a huge number of such Actions ...elects a certain Habit-Candidate. Then a collective vote of All Human Action —determines at different periods of life, which Habit is going to be the predominant one and rule supreme.

                  Election by numerical superiority often ignores the qualitative standard. If the majority of voters are morons or criminals, they are bound to blunder and elect the wrong Habit-Candidate. Unless the Voting Human Actions are guided by the supreme law of discrimination, they enslave themselves anew under an Undesirable Ruler.

                  A true Spiritual Democracy in this Bodily Kingdom —necessitates the thorough education of the Voting Human Activities. They should not only depend on their numerical power of repetition, but also on the quality of attentive performance. Above all, they should be trained to be guided by Ideal Rationalism —and warned against the bribing effects of Sentimental Environment, leading to the misuse of their voting powers. The power of reason should select the candidates. Habits of anger, greed, envy, drinking, excessive smoking, coffee or tea drinking, sloth, failure ....result from their being elected to office by unwise hordes of little Actions, whose numerical strength alone elected them ....without thought of the after-effects of enslavement. Habit-Slaves are not born, they make themselves so, unknowingly or knowingly thru their constantly repeated actions. The first drink never made a drunkard; the first act of sensuality ...never made a sensual slave; the first use of dope ...never made a dope-fiend. A series of mechanical or thoughtless repetitions of the wrong action elected the Gripping Habit as Ruler. Quantitative strength won against the weak qualitative voice of reason ...that had no votes because it had not been exercising its powers.

                  Guard yourself against the first performance of Evil Actions. What you will do once are liable to do again. Like a rolling snowball, Habit grows stronger and bigger by repetition. Use your reason in all your Actions — otherwise you become converted into helpless slaves of Undesirable Habits.

                   A strong Bad-Habit —presiding for a long time in the Bodily State, brings chaos and misery. Spiritual famine, mental fevers, universal poverty of body and brain ...exist in a Kingdom thus misruled. A strong Bad-Habit should be impeached before a tribunal of Daily Introspective and Conscience Judges, who should inform the Daily-Offending-Actions that the inevitable outcome of their persistence will be a nervous breakdown, wasted youth and exploded happiness. This constant note of warning ...may serve gradually to awaken the enslaved reason and will of the Habit-Bound Victim.

                   Many excessive smokers, drunkards, sex-slaves are not free because they do not think they are doing wrong and because they don't die immediately. But though the shovels of Habit dig slowly, yet they dig surely ....a yawning untimely grave, preceded by the scorching flames of suffering.

                  Convince your Actions of the tyranny of the Undesirable Ruling Habit first, then begin the work of constitutional agitation and actual impeachment. A whining or sorrowing attitude, remonstrance, or even violent but spasmodic rebellion of little avail. You are the maker of your Habits and you must undo them by regular effort.

                   Relate your Actions to new ...better ways. Keep them continuously —busy, interested, attentive— in serving and fraternizing with Good Actions. If the Actions begin to revert back to their old dangerous associations ...don't get discouraged. Persist, give sufficient time and attention ...and the voting strength of the New Actions will increase and finally get power enough to overthrow the worthless Ruler and elect in his place, their own Good-Candidate Habit.

                   A Bad Habit takes time to attain supremacy, so why be impatient about the growth of its rivalling Good Habit? Do not despair about your Undesirable Habits, simply stop feeding them by repetition.

                   The time used in the formation of Habits ...varies with the individual kind of nervous system and brain cells, and is chiefly determined by the quality of attention. But any Habit can be installed in the brain, almost instantaneously at will, by creating brain-grooves ...thru the power of deep trained attention.                      

                   True Democracy presupposes rational, willing obedience to good laws —ungoaded by Higher Authority or any other external influences whatsoever. Similarly, a Wise Man —one who is really free ...avoids error and performs good —not compelled by Habit—but from free reasonable choice.

                   "To him who hath ...shall be given; but from him who hath not ...shall be taken away —even that which he hath." This Biblical statement is very true of Habits. A man of Good Actions increases in virtue, but a slave of Bad Habits —loses all power of will and reason.

                   All national tastes, human customs —are results of Habits— and are environmental in nature. Love of Americanism or Hinduism is the outcome of Habit and familiarity. When I was a baby —if I had a choice— I would have preferred to be a human chameleon to embrace the desirable aspects of all nations and creeds.

                   Government of Actions by internal self-evolved discrimination —unguided by Good or Bad Habits— imparts unbounded power of will. A man with such power can instantly fix a New Habit in his brain, or stop one at will, without feeling the compulsion of a Habit-President. One must not be dominated by a Good Habit either, because the Habit may be in power ...simply because there has never been any temptation of Evil. Such a Good Habit is not permanently fixed in the nature, because it is born —not from choice and reason, but thru circumstance.

                   One way we can test our power over our Habits is to command the mind to like or dislike a certain food at will. When I first arrived in America, I was served at a dinner —some Roquefort cheese and crackers. No sooner had Mr. Roquefort touched the palate and its arrival become known to the cerebral cells ...than the Habit Lords rebelled and were about to upset the Honored Guests in my stomach. I didn't enjoy this sudden embarrassment, and saw that everyone else at the table was greatly enjoying this particular cheese. I strongly urged my senses to immediately elect the Roquefort-cheese-enjoying Habit. I liked the taste at once and do so to this day.

                   Why do things happen contrary to your desires? Because ...your Habits are also contrary to your desires, and —your Actions flatter your Habits. Your Habits must cater to your True Ideals.

                   Habit is an automatic mental mechanism for performing Actions ......without the labor involved in initiating New Actions. Wrongly used, this mechanism becomes man's arch-enemy. Be practical. Try from today to overcome the hidden Enemy-Habits within you —garbed with your environmental likings—and be free to act from reason alone. Your Habits are not you. Be yourself ...and you will remember the lost image of God within you.

Aliens or Gods?

Aliens or Gods?

Aliens or "God(s)?" Which is more realistic?
I'm rather curious of this opinion. Do you think that it is more realistic that aliens influenced religion rather than "God?"

There are numerous amounts of evidence that life outside our planet associated with the early humans thousands of years ago. For example, Easter Island, Aztec and Mayan carvings of human like figures in spaceships, old paintings, etc. How did the Egyptians craft the perfect pyramids when they failed numerous times, and hauled the heavy stone into place neatly to create a super structure that will lasts thousands of years? With their ancient technology? It seems unlikely without some sort of help of influence from something else. What about the theory of how the Egyptians mastered flight? Between the ancient astronaut theory and God, aliens seem to fill in all the historical puzzles and anomalies much better. Yaphet Kotto’s alien diary believes either we had outside help or human progress is not linear it seems, and religion's account of God ain't cutting it for Yaphet.

How did Leonardo da Vinci come up with the tank, submarine, or helicopter before our time? The answer is not complicated, if you look at ancient technology which he must have been privileged to. The Flying Aircraft & Nuclear weapons are all throughout the Mahabharata, the designs of helicopters, planes and other weapons was known by ancient India and their technology is said to originate nearly 24,000 years ago! So nothing that Leornardo Da Vinci sketched 500 years ago was original. The Ramayana and  the  Mahabharata seem like science  fiction.   Not only did aircraft exist such as Vimanas and Vailxi (as the Atlantian craft are called),  they  had  nuclear  weapons. There seems to be a fear of educating the worlds people  about  the  distant past.  Even empires and leaders of China’s past to Christians  to  Arab  peoples would destroy history  in  such  a way that records of there amazing cultures and events are nearly all  wiped  out. Indian Epics however are still with us intact. Records of South American  history all but gone.  Fear, and  other  factors have removed most of history before 5,000 years. Some only 1,000 years  ago. In the America’s just 300 -500 years all  most all lost! Today, perhaps some  UFO  records  are going the way of fears gate! However, again a few stories live on.

Resemblance of Angels and Aliens


A Comparison of Angels and “Aliens”

In February of 2002, The History Channel flew Guy Malone to Los Angeles to interview him as part of a special entitled “Ufos in the Bible.” Producer Gabe Vandervort sent Malone a list of 10 questions he would like Guy to discuss.

While grateful for the opportunity at first, please note that the special which aired DID NOT IN FACT faithfully represent Malone’s answers, but instead merely spliced in certain things said to affirm the flawed premise of the show. They did this with others who have likewise gone on record saying the same was done to them. That story and Malone’s response is here.

Question: In the Bible, angels are mentioned hundreds of times, often exhibiting super-human characteristics like the ability to walk through walls, read minds and communicate telepathically. How do these accounts compare with the mysterious beings of other cultures? What might be the explanation? How do angels compare to aliens?   (NOTE – The opening portion of this reply “corrects” the question itself; scroll down for comparison.)

This (first statement) is perhaps a popular assumption – and just because of that I’m glad you brought it up – but it is very incorrect. I stayed up late one night and counted appearances of angels in the Bible. While you can type in the word angel or angels into a computer Bible and get “hundreds” of matches, reading through with a Concordance I got just over 2 dozen actual appearances in the Old Testament, and less than that in the New (not counting Revelation). While I did count the same angel appearing over several verses as “one,” I also gave credit for the same story being told by different people as two or more to even it out.

About half of these appearances in the Old Testament specify “the angel of the Lord,” which is also known as a theophany – when God appears as an angel, before the Incarnation in Jesus Christ. So these instances are not really “angels” in the sense we’re discussing. Many more times, the angel appears in a dream or a trance or some other heavenly vision, which means the human witness was now “on their turf” and the idea of supernatural characteristics becomes moot, simply because they were not interacting in the physical realm at this time. (There is Biblical evidence to suggest that angels do have the ability to induce a trance, or deep sleep, to bring the human into their realm. This is very interesting in regard to the abduction phenomenon.) But no matter how you count them, angels actually appear not much more than 50 times in scripture, and certainly not even one hundred times, much less hundreds.


While angels certainly do have supernatural abilities, you’re also going to be hard-pressed to show me any instances in the Bible where they, “walk through walls, communicate telepathically or read minds.” They sometimes appear inside of a room, which may be said to have walked through the wall, but that’s not the way scripture describes the process, ever. They just appear. If you can show me even one instance where they walk through a wall, read someone’s mind or deliver a telepathic message – no matter how far you have to stretch the interpretation – I’ll give it to you for the sake of argument. But leaving out detailed dreams recounted by the scribe, I don’t think you can show me two.

All of THESE properties and abilities are very like what the “mysterious beings of other cultures” are reported to do however (as well as so-called aliens), so with that said I think we’re already well on the way to distinguishing that they are not reporting the activities of true Biblical angels – at least not the good ones whom the scriptures give detailed accounts of. All of these abilities may be true of angels, however, but we are already far from saying that UFO aliens, Jinns or Jenies of the Koran, or any of the other entities in question actually can be directly classified as Biblical angels, serving God.

But now lets compare angels and aliens :

In the Bible, when they appear on earth, angels appear as human and they are quite beautiful – even Lucifer is described as an angel of light. Aliens appear as humanoid, and (by all accounts) are pretty ugly. They are the thin greys, the monstrous Reptillians, and then the less reported but overall very attractive Nordics. 
Biblical angels typically appear in glowing white robes. Greys and Reptillians are either unclothed, or when they are clothed, they are wearing “space-suits” or uniforms with symbols on them. These symbols, when remembered or drawn by a contactee, are often found to be occult related, or symbolic of “pagan” religions – in short symbols no true Biblical angel would be “caught dead” wearing!

Angels typically either deliver a quick message, then leave, or they briefly assist, and leave (broke Peter out of prison, warn people in dreams, smite God’s enemies…). In either case, the angel gives instructions that will turn the human or his hearers toward faith in, or greater obedience to, (specifically) the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Aliens deliver sometimes hours of teachings at one sitting, and repeatedly communicate with the same person, adding to their knowledge day after day, year after year, and even generationally. The knowledge delivered by aliens is usually extremely contrary to scriptural teachings of spirituality. They tell people that “we” are gods, that we are divine when we become self-realized, that we should look to them (not God) for help, and that Jesus was just a self-realized human (or one of them even, or a hybrid), but NOT the Incarnate deity which scripture – AND ALL ANGELS IN SCRIPTURE – proclaim him to be. *


Angels often appear in human form. The Bible even says we may entertain them unaware (or not knowing we are in the presence of an angel). The main account in the Bible where angels appeared as humans for a very extended period, is when they came to Lot’s family before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. They were so “human” that they ate dinner with Lot – physically ate it – and they were mistaken as potential sex partners by the locals. Many people saw them, and assumed they were human. The only instances I know of where an “alien” appeared and “hung out” with a human for days at a time, the person in question was the only one who could see him.

The actual job description of an angel, according to Hebrews 1:14, is that they are “…ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.”

That is to say that they assist born-again Christians in times of need, or especially those who will become Christians. “Aliens” typically appear to 95% non-Christians, and teach doctrines that will lead them into unbiblical, New Age practices, occult forms of spirituality, and to UFO cults. In short they instill mental strongholds that will essentially “sabotage” that person’s likelihood of ever becoming a Christian.

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The fact that angels can appear as human indicates they have  the ability to cause a person to perceive them to effectively shape-shift. Abductees often report that their captors do this as well, often shifting from the appearance of a tall grey, to a beloved or deceased relative, to perhaps Jesus, to a Reptilian. Then abductees report they have sex with the person, or going through sadistic medical examinations. Women abductees sometimes report symptoms of pregnancy afterwards, and that the aliens seem to return within about 2 months claiming to collect the fetus. At which time the symptoms disappear. We believe this is actually a “visionary” experience – perhaps taking advantage of or causing a false pregnancy medical condition - but NOT that angels or aliens are actually impregnating women today. (See The Bible, Physics, and Abilities of Fallen Angels for more on the nature of the biblical “vision” experience caused by angels, and them manifesting in physical reality, and the Q/A Video on this phenomena.)

Space Angel
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True biblical angels would help, not harm, an individual, but aliens are notorious for leaving people physically injured, confused, scared, and paranoid. The conclusion is that Biblical authors were not mistakenly calling extra-terrestrials “angels” or “gods”, but the other way around. Many today are mistakenly calling the angelic hosts extra-terrestrials. “Aliens” are indeed angels, but they are not the good angels which scripture tells of. Their actions, abilities and doctrines most resemble that of the fallen angels who have deceived and spiritually enslaved mankind at different points all throughout history – who work against the purposes of God, and the interests of all humanity.

* Biblical angels – serving God – will confess that Jesus Christ is God in the Flesh

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”  Luke 2:10-11  
“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God … every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is the spirit of the antichrist…” 1John 4:1-3  
“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1:8

Note: Many UFO researchers prefer to distance their findings from the testimony of “contactees” or “abductees,” mainly to “avoid spirituality” or “kooks,” and to allegedly keep their published works in the realm of “science.” However, it is simply against logic to not ascribe the teachings of the ufonauts to the UFOs.

The Origin Of The Pleiades - Cherokee

The Origin Of The Pleiades - Cherokee

Long ago, when the world was new, there were seven boys who used to spend all their time down by the townhouse playing the gatayusti game, rolling a stone wheel along the ground and sliding a curved stick after it to strike it. Their mothers scolded, but it did no good, so one day they collected some gatayusti stones and boiled them in the pot with the corn for dinner. When the boys came home hungry their mothers dipped out the stones and said, "Since you like the gatayusti better than the cornfield, take the stones now for your dinner." (Read more)

Yaphet Kotto finds Bionic Eye a Sight Saver

Yaphet Kotto finds Bionic Eye a Sight Saver for blindness


Sightsavers is a large international charity that works to combat blindness in developing countries. It is based in the United Kingdom, with branches in Italy, Republic of Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Sightsavers operates around the world to restore sight to the blind, to provide medical care for the prevention of blindness, and to promote equal opportunities for disabled people.

The charity was founded in 1950 by Sir John Wilson (1919–1999), a blind lawyer. It was originally named "British Empire Society for the Blind" and later became the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind. With headquarters at Haywards Heath in West Sussex, it is a charity registered in England & Wales and Scotland.
10 Health Inventions That Will Improve Your Life

Health Inventions That Will Improve Your Life

This bionic eyeball might look like it's been plucked from the skull of a movie android, but it's really a symbol of hope for millions of people with retinal disease and age-related macular degeneration, two major causes of blindness.The invention works like this: A tiny camera, attached to a pair of glasses worn by the patient, gathers images much as a real eye would, then transmits them wirelessly to a titanium-encased microchip on the eyeball. The chip stimulates retinal nerve cells, which then send pictures along the optic nerve to the brain. “The implant can't restore full vision,” says co-inventor John Wyatt, PhD, an engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “but our goal is to provide enough that a patient can walk down a familiar street without a cane or a guide dog.” He's aiming for FDA approval within three years. 

Oceans of water in Mars?

Oceans of water in Mars?

Mars Has “Oceans” of Water Inside?
And volcanoes flooded early Mars with H2O, meteorite study hints. Water on Mars exists almostexclusively as water ice. Mars could have entire oceans’ worth of water locked in rocks deep underground, scientists say.

The finding suggests that ancient volcanic eruptions may have been major sources of water on early Mars—and could have created habitable environments.

According to a new study, Martian meteorites contain a surprising amount of hydrated minerals, which have water incorporated in their crystalline structures.

In fact, the study authors estimate that the Martian mantle currently contains between 70 and 300parts per million of water—enough to cover the planet in liquid 660 to 3,300 feet (200 to 1,000 meters) deep.

“Basically the amount of water we’re talking about is equal to or more than the amount in the upper mantle of the Earth,” which contains 50 to 300 parts per million of water, said study leaderFrancis McCubbin, a planetary scientist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

And if water exists today in the Martian mantle, that means the red planet likely had a lot of water in its interior all the way back to the moment the planet formed.

“We don’t have to rely on sources like comets and asteroids to bring in water afterward,” McCubbin said.
And if that’s the case for Mars, it’s probably the case for the other rocky planets—Mercury, Venus, and Earth—as well as for some large asteroids.

“Earth is not unique,” McCubbin said. “We should be finding water nearly everywhere in the solar system.”
Water Boiled Out of Mars Lava

McCubbin’s team found water while analyzing meteorites that had been blasted off the Martian surface by asteroid impacts and sent careening to Earth.

The meteorites are basaltic, which means the rocks must have formed from deep magmas brought to the surface during volcanic eruptions.

By carefully examining a mineral called apatite, McCubbin’s team found hydroxyl ions—a form of water that contains an oxygen atom bound to a hydrogen atom.

The presence of hydroxyl means that standard water—oxygen bound to two hydrogens—was also present in Martian magma. But because the hydroxyl is more tightly bound to rock than ordinary water, the ions remained behind when the rest of the water boiled out of the coolinglava.

From the amount of hydroxyl in the meteorites, it’s possible to reconstruct how much water is in Mars’s interior, McCubbin added.

“We’re using apatite as a hydrometer to record how much water was in the rock before it degassed,” he said. For instance, similar studies of lunar apatite in 2010 found that the moon’s interior is a hundred times wetter than previously thought.

Furthermore, he said, the Mars meteorites examined in the new study came from extremely young basalts, only 150 to 350 million years old.

That means all large Martian eruptions throughout the planet’s history probably carried substantial water to the surface—including eruptions that happened during the Noachian, the period when ancient Mars was warm enough to have possibly hosted liquid water on the surface.

Japan UFO Encounter in 19th century

Japan UFO Encounter in 19th century

Utsuro-bune (うつろ舟 'hollow ship'), also Utsuro-fune and Urobune, refers to an unknown object which allegedly washed ashore in 1803 in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan. Accounts of the tale appear in three texts: Toen shōsetsu (1825), Hyōryū kishū (1835) and Ume-no-chiri (1844).

According to legend, an attractive young woman arrived on a local beach aboard the "hollow ship". Fishermen brought her inland to investigate further, but the woman was unable to communicate in Japanese. The fishermen then returned her and her vessel to the sea, where it drifted away.

Historians, ethnologists and physicists such as Kazuo Tanaka and Yanagita Kunio have evaluated the "legend of the hollow boat" as part of a long-standing tradition within Japanese folklore. Alternately, certain ufologists have claimed that the story represents evidence for a close encounter of the third kind.   (Read More)

UFOs captured over Mexican Volcano

UFOs captured over Mexican Volcano

October 11th was a bust day for UFOs over Mexico.  Besides the Giant Jellyfish spotted over Tijuana, not one, but two UFOs were caught on national television.  Scott Waring who compiles UFO Sightings Daily, documents that what began as a routine news report on the eruption of the Popocatepeti Volcano, bordering the states of Puebla and Morelos, not far from Mexico City, turned into a field day for UFO spotters.

October 11th was a bust day for UFOs over Mexico.  Besides the Giant Jellyfish spotted over Tijuana, not one, but two UFOs were caught on national television.  Scott Waring who compiles UFO Sightings Daily,documents that what began as a routine news report on the eruption of the Popocatepeti Volcano, bordering the states of Puebla and Morelos, not far from Mexico City, turned into a field day for UFO spotters.

UFO Sightings Daily is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan
Photographs broadcast during the news program show globe-shaped objects at different points in the sky above the volcano. To many viewers, they may have seemed no more than debris flying heavenward, part of the molten rock being spewed out by an angry volcano.  But volcano watchers and ufologists will tell you that this is by no means the first time that these glowing globes have been spotted above this particular volcano, which is the second highest peak in Mexico.

The anchor for the news that day, Lopez Doriga, remains baffled by this sighting, saying, “This is the first time in my long career covering the news that I have seen something that I could not explain.  I just cannot say what they were, but they should not have been there.”

Yet UFOs been seen to fly in and out of volcanos, not just this one, especially during high volcanic activity. There have been over 100 UFO sightings over the last three years at Popocatepeti, also known as the Smoking Mountain. This is an extraordinary number of sightings in one location.  As such it needs an extraordinary explanation.

Sceptics will explain this away by saying that Popocatepeti is a highly active volcano, and as such much material is emitted during an eruption.  Many of these can look like flying objects.  The sceptics will say that they are clearly identifiable as volcanic emissions.  But there is a group of hard core UFO researchers who think differently.

“The sheer number of sightings above this – and other volcanoes – has to mean something,” said Scott Waring is the editor of UFO Sightings Daily.

It would seem that there is a great attraction between a certain type of UFO and the environment of a live volcano.”  It is hard to speculate what alien creatures are so attracted to the heat and sulphur of the volcanic atmosphere. But Mr. Waring is adamant.  “Clearly there has to be an alien base hidden below it, otherwise there would be little reason for so many UFOs to be seen in such a short time,” he asserts.  He may be right.

The late Bill Uhouse testified that regressive alien subterrestrials who a militarist agenda have bases underground.  This claim has been further supported by David Icke, who links Archons to Moon activities.

30 OCTOBER 2012
Source: The Canadian