Friday, January 31, 2014

Humans may look like 'Close Encounters' aliens in 100,000 yrs

Humans may look like 'Close Encounters' aliens in 100,000 yrs

Washington: A researcher has speculated that humans in the next 100,000 years may look like aliens from the hit movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind': large, bug eyes, huge foreheads and pigmented skin.

Nickolay Lamm based his illustrations on discussions with Dr Alan Kwan, an expert in computational genomics from Washington University.

According to Kwan and Lamm, one of the most obvious evolutionary changes by then is going to be a larger head, which has been growing since the Middle Ages.

The head is going to keep swelling in the coming millennia to accommodate humans' ever-expanding brains, the Guardian reported.

The researchers also said that humans' eyes are going to grow to Japanese anime-style proportions, as human beings are forced to live in other colonies of the solar system and in dimmer environments, which are farther away from the sun.

The researchers added that as more people live outside the Earth's protective ozone layer, they'll are also going to come in contact with high UV radiation, and our skin will become more pigmented. 



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