Friday, January 31, 2014

Strange Case of the Michigan Flying Wing UFO

Strange Case of the Michigan Flying Wing UFO

 As we passed the ‘airplane’ in slow-motion stop and go traffic, I noticed it was NOT an airplane, and why would it be one anyway? as there is not enough length to the fields there to land a real airplane.

I have driven past this area literally millions of times since I was 5-years-old, and I am now 53. The ‘airplane’ turned out to be a wing-shaped UFO about 100 feet across. I pointed it out to my wife, and remarked that it was not an airplane, but an honest-to goodness-real UFO.

She looked at it, and said: “That’s a cell phone tower.” I said it is not, as I know everything in existence all along both sides of the freeway, having driven on it for so long, and she proceeded to argue with me that it “… couldn’t be a UFO, it has to be this or that, but not a UFO.”

It was like she could not physically ‘see’ the UFO, like her mind was being blocked by something. Why else would she suggest it being a cell phone tower when it obviously was lying on the ground, and it was all lit up, and it was shaped like a giant flying wing, just like that experimental one the Nazis built during WW-II, a precursor to the Stealth designs.

I had a very good, leisurely, long look at it, and I know what I saw. But it gets even weirder from there.
We finally arrived at the site of the accident that caused us to do the stop and go thing for over two hours, when it would normally take 45 minutes to drive to that spot. We were crawling along at 5 to 10 miles per hour when we arrived at the ‘accident site.’  read more

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