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Hindu Weapons

Hindu Weapons                                                                        

   Agneyastra -  A fire-weapon. This devastating weapon was given by Aurva to Sagara who used it to kill or vaporized all the enemies who had forced his father Sachi into exile. 

  Brahmastra - is an astra, or celestial weapon created by Lord Brahma. It is sometimes known as the Brahma Astra (astra referring to 'missile weapon'). As described in a number of the Puranas, Brahmastra is considered to be the very deadliest of weapons. When a Brahmastra is discharged, neither a counterattack nor a defense of any kind can stop it.

A self-guided missile with sophisticated artificial intelligence, powerful  nonetheless classified as weapons of mass destruction, capable of destroying everything with a highly focused antimatter explosion.

The Brahmastra never misses its mark and must be used with very specific intent against an enemy, whether an individual or army, as the target will face complete annihilation. Brahmastra is said to be obtained by meditating on Lord Brahma, and can be used only once in a lifetime. The user would have to display immense amounts of mental concentration in order to get sanction to arm and use the weapon. Since Brahma is the Creator in Sanatana Dharma, it is understood that Brahmastra was created by him for the purpose of upholding Dharma and Satya.

    Chakram - is the circular weapon of diameter about 4.7-12 inches and has sharp cuts at the outer edge. The enemy is attacked by throwing the weapon at him. It is also known as circles or chalikar.
 This weapon is used against the enemy by twirling it in the index finger and thrown out with spin to add more power and vigor. 

Gada - The mace, popularly known as the Gada, is a weapon from the weapon time and holds an important position in the history of Hindu religion. It was carried by Lord Hanuman, Bhim, and others who were symbols of power and strength. The mace is said to be representing the concentrated Prana. As the Earth revolves round the sun and derives life force from it and then stores it, similarly, the Gada also moves around the user’s body to gather life force. It is the shape of a ball which symbolizes the earth rotating on its axis, the handle. It is a symbol of great power, valor, bravery and strength.

Kaumodaki  - the divine mace weapon of vishnu; invincible and without parallel. It is the source of Vishnu’s divine power, his physical strength, mental strength. This weapon represents Vishnu’s power to end all the ‘anarths inside a person’s mind and hinders them from reaching the God. He used this weapon to purify the spirits within us and uplift us from materialistic bonds. It is a mace which is omni-potent and heavy powered weapon which is impossible to defeat.

  Narayanastra (or Narainastra) - was the personal weapon of lord Vishnu in his Narayana (or Naraina) form. This astra ("weapon" in Sanskrit) in turn fires a powerful tirade of millions of deadly missiles simultaneously. The intensity of the shower increases with increase in resistance. The only way of defense towards this missile, is to show total submission before the missiles hit. This in turn will cause this weapon to stop and spare the target.
When fired, usually appear as a spiky ball of energy of varying colours, such as red, orange, yellow, blue, or green. 

Pashupatastra - in Hindu History, is the crescent-shaped irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of Kali and Shiva, discharged by the mind, the eyes, words, or a bow. Never to be used against lesser enemies or by lesser warriors, the Pashupatastra is capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings.

It could stun entire city blocks full of people destroy cities and even destroy entire asteroids up to a given size, it is also said to be capable of destroying continents. 

Shiva Dhanush - also known as Pinaka (Ajagav), in Hindu mythology, was the divine bow of Lord Shiva gifted to King Janaka by Sage Parashurama for safe-keeping while the sage performed penances. The bow is 8.5 feet in length as mentioned in the Dhanurveda.  
 A directed-energy weapon (DEW) emits energy in an aimed direction with or without the means of a projectile. It transfers energy to a target for a desired effect. Intended effects may be non-lethal or lethal. 

  Sudarshana Chakra - is a spinning, disk-like super weapon with 108 serrated edges used by the Hindu god Vishnu. 

 The more energy in each strike, the greater the damage will be.

Trishula - is a type of Indian trident but also found in Southeast Asia. It is commonly used as a Hindu-Buddhist religious symbol. The word means "three spear" in Sanskrit and Pali.

The trishula symbolism is polyvalent and rich. 

Vajra - The thunderbolt weapon of Indra, who is the God of Thunder and Lightning, akin to Zeus and Jupiter. It petrifies living tissue almost instantly.


Varunastra - is the water weapon (a storm) according to Hindu mythology, incepted by Varuna. In stories it is said to assume any weapon's shape, just like water. In Hindu myths or Puranas this weapon is said to have been obtained by great warrior characters such as Arjuna, Satyaki, Dhrishtadhuymna,
Dronacharya, and many other illustrious warrior characters. Mythology says this weapon was obtained by meditating on Varuna or Shiva, and was to be used with great care and skill. The usage of weapon was not possible for any inexperienced warrior, as a slight mistake committed, and the user himself could be destroyed.


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