Sunday, March 10, 2013

Japan underwater pyramid

Mysterious structures found underwater off the coast in Japan said to mystify experts as to who built them and what do symbols found in some stones mean. Evidence suggests that the apparent city underwater, which includes a pyramid structure, may have been created by extraterrestrials long before the start of mankind history.

The apparent underwater city was found in the sea off to the coastline of Japanese fishing village. The so called alien city is believed being created about 110,000 to 130,000 years ago during the period known as Sangamonian.

It is believed that the underwater city was built in the dry land that became underwater as the seas gradually rose and the land fell.

With the help of modern technology and adventurous divers the city was rediscovered with its ancient wonders. It is considered that the builders of the city have a fantastic imagination. Divers to the city are officially acknowledged as a treasure of the Japanese nation. They swim deep underwater despite of uncertainties and difficulties that would come to them.

A head that once found on a big statue was discovered. It has an extraordinary face that could not be attributed to human.

Alien followers are not surprise that an ancient city was discovered in Japan because they believe that Lands of the East have a long history of alien influence, contact and revered artifacts. It is noted that legends of most Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China and Tibet are rich in myths, tales and legends of alien masters, visitors and beings that are so great making them like Gods.

It is believed that ancient aliens developed big cities, some aliens became cruel masters while others became loving like parents. It is also conceived that others are just lost and died far away from their own planets.  Source : Extra Terrestrials


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